At Heritage, we believe that diversifying by investment strategy is fundamental to long-term success, especially in today's fast-changing markets. For this reason, we offer services that employ a variety of management strategies.

However, there are two overriding goals to all of our programs - We strive to both protect and grow client accounts over time. In addition, there are three primary tenets to our managment philosophy:

I. Remain flexible
II. Adapt to changing market environments
III. Manage risk - EVERY SINGLE DAY 

Our investment management services are broken down into four categories. Click any one of the buttons below to explore the portfolios within each series:

Focused Equity Portfolio

Heritages's actively managed, discretionary individual stock programs. Made up of only U.S. stocks, hand-picked using our meticulous selection method to capitalize on U.S. Growth opportunities. 

(4 Portfolios :: Stocks Only :: Short-, Intermediate-Term)

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Active Risk Manager Series

Heritage's flagship active risk management series. We provide four actively managed, "absolute return," growth-oriented investment strategies designed to capture the important trends of the U.S. stock market, all the while managing risk on a daily basis.

(3 Portfolios :: ETF's Only :: Short-, Intermediate-Term)

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Alternative Asset Class Series

Tactical asset allocation program incorporating both U.S. and foreign equities, as well as active risk management strategies. A "go anywhere" approach designed to pursue growth opportunities in a wide variety of markets and asset categories all across the globe and to manage risk on an intermediate-term basis.

(3 Portfolios :: Stocks & ETF's :: Intermediate-Term) 

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SmartMix Series

Having trouble deciding which Heritage program is best? You can "leave the driving to us" with the HCR SmartMix® Series. SmartMix® is designed to allocate client assets to the top rated HCR programs and/or asset classes on an ongoing basis.

(2 Portfolios :: Stocks and ETFs :: Short-, Intermediate-Term)

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Focused Income Portfolio Series

Heritage also offers its unique brand of asset management in two portfolios designed to produce income for investors. A great alternative to the traditional "buy and hold" approach.

(2 Portfolios :: ETF's Only :: Short-, Intermediate-Term)

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