HCR is Independent

Our only business is investment research. We are privately owned and are not influenced by corporate parents or shareholders. Thus, our decisions are based solely on our clients needs, without conflict of interest.

HCR is Fee Only

Heritage does not receive compensation from any commissions or commission-based products including stock trades, mutual funds, annuities, or insurance. All revenue is derived from the investment research services we provide to financial advisors and individual clients.

HCR Focuses on Managing Risk

One of the primary focuses of our work is to manage the risk–reward environment of the market.  In short, our objective is to keep accounts “in-line” with market conditions at all times.

HCR Employs a "Modern" Portfolio Design Approach

Modern times demand modern solutions. Instead of traditional asset allocation techniques that were developed in the 1950's, Heritage utilizes an updated, modern approach to portfolio design.

HCR Believes in Customizing Portfolios

We feel strongly that a cookie-cutter, robot-developed portfolio that employs old-school portfolio design methodology is not in a client's best interest. Thus, we build portfolios that are customized to fit client's needs - one client at a time.

HCR Has an Experienced Team

Heritage has a wealth of money management experience.  Our chief investment strategist has more than 30 years experience on the “firing line” – managing accounts for clients through both good times and bad.

HCR Believes in Communication

Finally, we believe that the degree of success you experience with our firm is directly proportionate to your understanding of the goals and objectives we strive to achieve.  Toward this end, we provide our "State of the Markets" report direct via email.

We invite you to review our approach to the markets and our investment management programs.  And since we pride ourselves on personal service, if I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Have Questions?  Contact Heritage or give us a call at (303) 670-9761