At Heritage Capital, managing the risks of the markets is "mission critical" as we believe no investor would choose to intentionally remain invested during severe bear market declines.

In an effort to serve varying objectives and risk/reward needs, Heritage offers a robust series of risk management solutions.

  • The Long-Term Risk Manager Service (Conservative, Moderate, Growth): Disciplined, long-term risk reduction strategies - aka the "bear market protection plans." Learn More.
  • Global Macro Strategies (Core, Growth): A long-term strategic allocation approach utilizing Ned Davis Research Group's top-down, risk managed methodology to stock, bond, and cash allocation
  • Focus High Yield: An actively managed approach the risk/reward relationship of the high yield bond market
  • Tactical Asset Portfolios (Conservative, Stock/Bond, Stock/Bond 2X, Stock/Bond 3X, Complete Market ): A series of longer-term tactical allocation models. Asset allocation is driven by 2 market models. When both negative, TAP in cash. When models conflict, TAP is 60/40 allocation
  • Liquid Alternative Strategies (Income, Growth, Diversified): Diversified, manager selection approach employing multiple liquid alt strategies such as managed futures, global macro, long-short equity, arbitrage, and options
  • Diversified Risk Management System: A multi-strategy risk management program utilizing 3 strategies in one portfolio
  • Risk Parity Plus (Low, Moderate, High): A custom risk parity allocation approach to stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and cash. The programs employ risk targeting and stop loss methodologies
  • The NextGen Active Risk Manager (Main, Growth, Aggressive): Actively managed, growth-oriented, absolute return investment programs.  Learn More. 

Before embracing a risk managed approach in your portfolio, it is important to recognize that risk management strategies are part of a properly diversified portfolio. In other words, risk management is but one investing methodology and we believe that a portfolio should be made up of multiple methodologies, strategies, and managers.In addition, it is important to have the proper expectations when adding risk management strategies to a portfolio.

What Risk Management CAN Do:

  • Reduce exposure to market risk during negative environments

  • Strive to “lose the least amount possible” during bear markets

  • Get it “mostly right, most of the time” during really big, really important moves

What Risk Management CANNOT Do:

  • Sell at the top and buy at the bottom of market cycle (this is a fool's errand)

  • Protect against ALL losses during negative markets

  • Avoid all/every bear market declines

  • Protect against losses during normal market “corrections”

However, with the proper expectations, risk management can add significant value to a portfolio - especially during negative market environments.

HCR's risk management services are offered at: TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and Trust Company of America.

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