HCR is pleased to announce the launch of the Elevation Strategy - a new tax-efficient, risk-managed stock market strategy.


Developed in conjunction with and offered through Atlas Capital Management, the strategy is a long-term, risk-managed portfolio solution designed for growth-oriented investors seeking a tax-efficient, risk-managed approach to the stock market.

Believed to be unique to the industry, the strategy is designed to participate in gains during bull market environments and protect capital during bear cycles such as 2000-02 and 2008.


While there are never any guarantees in investing, the Elevation strategy strives to:

  1. Seek capital appreciation during positive environments
  2. Preserve capital during severely negative market cycles
  3. Seek long-term capital gain treatment for tax purposes whenever possible

The overriding objective is to keep portfolio exposure in tune with the primary market cycles and to manage the overall risk/reward environment – in a tax efficient manner.

A Tax-Efficient Risk-Managed Strategy

One of the stated objectives of the Elevation Strategy is to seek long-term capital gain treatment for tax purposes on trading gains whenever possible. We believe this makes the Elevation Strategy one-of-a-kind.

For example, our tests of the strategy going back to 1999 show that 75% of the profitable trades between 3/31/99 and 6/30/18 would have qualified as long-term capital gains. For clients in high tax brackets, this has real meaning!

Fact Sheets are now available.

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