Are you looking to outsource portfolio design and management responsibilities?

HCR can help.

The acronym "OCIO" likely means different things to different financial advisors. However, at HCR, we believe that Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services start and stop with becoming an investment management partner to your firm.

By definition, a Chief Investment Officer is responsible for the design, management, and ongoing oversight of a firm's investment strategies.

Additional areas of service often include managing the risk exposure of both the firm as well as client portfolios, heading the investment committee, overseeing performance, developing client communications, performing due diligence on products and managers, and ensuring that the firm's portfolio strategies remain true to their objectives.

OCIO Services provided by HCR:

  • Customized Portfolio Design
  • Asset Allocation Review/Design
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Portfolio Management Dashboard
  • Manager/Strategy Due Diligence
  • Performance Review/Attribution
  • Benchmark Selection
  • Investment Committee Participation
  • Business Consulting
  • Fact Sheets
  • Client Communication
  • Branded Client Newsletter
  • Sales Support

Why Outsource Investment Management?

Limited time, increased complexity in an ever-changing investing landscape, and constrained resources can make it difficult for advisors to create, manage, and maintain state-of-the-art investment management programs. Thus, more and more advisors today are turning to outsourced solutions in order to expand their firm's investment management services and create more time for client-facing activities.

For example, in a paper entitled, "Investment Management Support for Advisors: Using Outside Resources," Fidelity's Matthew Goulet, CFA and Matthew Hamilton write:

"Advisors may want to consider outsourcing their investment management function to better focus their time on serving clients.”

A Growing Trend: Majority of Advisors Turning to Outsourced Solutions

According to the 2019 Wealth Advisor Survey on business applications advisors seek, 72% of Independent B/D Advisors and 64% of Independent RIAs are looking for assistance in the areas of Portfolio Construction and Analysis. In addition, 79% of Independent B/D Advisors and 65% of Independent RIAs want help with Portfolio Rebalancing and Trading.

If you or your firm are part of the growing majority of advisors looking for outsourced solutions for your investment management services, HCR is here to help as our founder and CIO, David Moenning, has been assisting advisors with investment management solutions since 1989. 

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