The Advisor Landscape: Less Time, More Competition, Increasing Complexity

There can be no arguing that advisors face heightened challenges in the area of designing and managing client portfolios today. Increased complexity in an ever-changing investing landscape, limited time, and constrained resources make it difficult for advisors to create, manage, and maintain state-of-the-art investment management programs.

Advisors must also recognize that competition from custodians, fund companies, and robo-platforms continues to evolve/increase. Thus, it is more important than ever for advisory firms to differentiate themselves from the pack.

As a result, advisors are turning to outsourced solutions in order to expand their firm's investment management services and create more time for client-facing activities.

Since the needs of advisors vary, HCR offers customized, consultative services driven by each advisors' goals and objectives. Whether you are seeking to (a) outsource investment management functions, (b) create white-labeled portfolio strategies, (c) augment your existing portfolio management offerings, (d) introduce risk-managed strategies, or (e) custom-build portfolios on an as-needed basis, HCR can be of assistance.

Helping Advisors Since 1989

HCR's Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Mr. David Moenning has been helping advisors in the capital markets since 1989. As such, Dave's been live on the firing line in good times and bad for more than 30 years. 

To be sure, experience counts in the investment management business. Times change. Markets change. Securities change. Even the rules change.

Because of this, investing strategies must be able to adapt to changing environments. For example, what worked in the late 1990's clearly failed in the early 2000's. The driver of the 2000-02 bear market was dramatically different than what caused the 2008 debacle. And the 2017 bull market was one for the record books as investors had never before experienced such a prolonged period of gains and low volatility. The question, of course, is what will the next year bring and when will the next big change in the markets begin?

It is for this reason that we believe experience is a critical component of the investment management business today. And since Mr. Moenning has experienced 11 bull markets in stocks and 10 bears during his career, we believe HCR offers advisors market and portfolio management experience that rivals even the biggest firms.

Three Ways to Work with HCR:

  • Consulting Services - HCR works directly with your firm to design and manage custom portfolio strategies
  • Signal Provider - HCR provides real-time updates to portfolios developed for your firm
  • Sub-Advisor  - HCR can manage and trade portfolio solutions as a sub-advisor to your firm

Multi-Methodology Diversification

HCR believes in a modern approach to portfolio design, which we define as the use of multiple investing methodologies, multiple portfolio strategies, multiple time-frames, as well as multiple asset classes - all within a single portfolio. Below is a summary of investing methodologies HCR typically utilizes in portfolio design:

  • Passive Allocation 
  • Strategic Allocation 
  • Tactical Risk-Management 
  • Individual Equity Selection
  • Liquid Alternatives 

A Customized, Consultative Approach

Instead of an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all product/service offering, HCR works with advisors one-on-one to develop solutions customized to fit their firm's needs.

HCR offers advisors the opportunity to add services, expertise, and experience to their investment management offerings via a consultative outsourcing approach.

For example, some advisors depend on us to design and manage their entire investment lineup. Others have asked us to develop customized portfolios targeting specific asset classes and/or strategies. We have been tasked to supplement a firm's current offerings with risk-managed solutions. One group charged us with replicating the passive and tactical portfolios they were employing at the firm they were leaving. Still others depend on us for blending portfolios strategies in a customized fashion for clients. And another had us develop a tax-efficient risk managed portfolio strategy for stock market investors.

Types of Services Provided to Advisors

HCR has assisted advisors in developing a multitude of customized solutions. Some of the most common services provided to advisors include:

  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Services
  • White-Labeled Investment Models
  • Risk-Managed, Tactical Portfolio Solutions
  • Ongoing Portfolio/Model Management
  • Asset Allocation Design
  • Customized Client Portfolios employing a modern approach to portfolio design
  • Investment Committee Participation
  • Sales Support

Advisor Benefits

Outsourcing a portion of your firm's investment management responsibilities provides advisors with:

  • Expanded portfolio management offerings
  • Enhanced risk management services
  • Improved portfolio diversification
  • Increased client content and marketing collateral
  • Broadened research capabilities
  • Additional capital market expertise
  • Reduced risk exposure to the firm
  • More time for client-facing activities

The HCR Toolbox:

HCR's primary focus is developing and managing customized investing strategies for advisory firms. In addition, HCR offers an array of portfolio strategies across multiple investing methodologies. We think of these strategies as the tools in our toolbox used to build customized portfolios.

Let's Talk Cost

Since HCR employs a consultative approach designed to meet the specific needs of advisors and investors alike, we do not utilize a set fee schedule. And since the size and scope of portfolio designs can vary widely, we work with each advisor/investor on a one-on-one basis. Please Contact Us for details.

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