At HCR, we believe that an updated approach to portfolio construction is fundamental to long-term success. Today's markets, which are driven by computers and can change direction at the drop of a hat, demand a modernized method to portfolio construction. It is for this reason that we focus on building Multi-Methodology Portfolios™. 

Investors have learned that global markets today tend to be highly correlated - especially during times of stress. As such, the days when investors could simply spread their portfolio across asset classes such as stocks, bonds, foreign markets, gold, real estate, etc., in an effort to create diversification in their portfolios, appear to be long gone.  

HCR believes in a more updated approach. Instead of diversifying by asset class alone, HCR utilizes a modernized portfolio design technique that diversifies portfolios across investing styles, portfolio strategies, investment managers, geographical regions, security type, and, of course, asset classes.

Goals of Multi-Methodology Portfolios™

Although there are never any assurances in investing, the overarching goal for our portfolios is to provide consistent, long-term results. In addition, while day-to-day volatility in markets cannot be avoided, we strive to create a smooth ride by working to (a) participate in bull markets and (b) preserve capital during severely bearish cycles. 

There are three primary tenets to our management philosophy:

I. Adapt to changing market environments
II. Focus on market leadership
III. Manage risk - every single day! 

Modern Day Portfolios Require Multi-Methodology Diversification

HCR believes in a modernized approach to portfolio design, defined as the use of multiple investing methodologies, multiple portfolio strategies, multiple management time-frames, and multiple managers/research providers - all within a single portfolio. 

Below is a summary of investing methodologies HCR typically utilizes in portfolio design:

  • Passive Asset Allocation 
  • Strategic Asset Management 
  • Tactical Risk-Management 
  • Individual Equity/Bond Selection
  • Liquid Alternatives 


Portfolio Solutions

HCR has an extensive toolbox of Portfolio Solutions at its disposal spanning multiple investing methodologies, investment strategies, and time frames. 

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