Heritage Research Reports:

In our original extensive research report "Developing an Active Risk Management System for the US Stock Market" we explored the development of an active management system for the U.S. stock market. We review the thought process behind the development of the system, as well as the step-by-step methodology employed to create, and more importantly, test an approach to active management.

The following year, we upgraded the existing approach. New adaptive components were added to make the system more robust and sensitive during neutral environments. It is outlined in the The New ''Adaptive'' Active Management System report.

The research report, "Developing the "Next Generation" Active Risk Management System" reviews the latest update/upgrades made to our active risk management system as well of the results of the system testing. This is the current iteration of the Active Risk Manager System, and is recommended for review for all those considering opening an account with us.

Our most recent research report "The Evolution of the NextGen Active Risk Manager - From 1987 to Present"  we review how Dave M's risk management programs have evolved and adapted to changes in the market over the years.