Retirement Risk Manager Series

The Retirement Risk Manager is a series of professionally managed portfolios designed is to help you:

  • Produce a monthly “retirement paycheck” 
  • Manage the ongoing risks of the markets
  • Protect your nest egg
  • Combat the vagaries of inflation
  • Capitalize on growth opportunities

The Retirement Risk Manager Portfolios are risk-managed portfolios designed for longer-term retirement plans. The primary purpose of these portfolios is to manage the ongoing risks of the market, combat the vagaries of inflation, and to capitalize on growth opportunities when available. In short, we strive to sensibly protect and grow retirement accounts for clients. 

Four Intuitive Allocation Strategies

HCR offers four allocation strategies for retirement plans designed to cater to differing risk tolerances and goals/objectives. Clients may "mix and match" among the four strategies to create an allocation that is best suited to their needs. The four strategies offered include: 

U.S. Growth

  • 100% "Risk Managed" US Stock Market Strategy

Global Equity

  • 80% "Risk Managed" Global Stock Market Strategy
  • 20% "Risk Managed" US Stock Market Strategy


  • 60% "Risk Managed" US Stock Market Strategy
  • 40% "Risk Managed" Bond Market Strategy


  • 40% "Risk Managed" US Stock Market Strategy
  • 30% "Risk Managed" Global Stock Market Strategy
  • 30% "Risk Managed" Bond Market Strategy


How It Works

Investors interested in hiring us as their personal risk manager will first complete a retirement risk profile. Next, prospective clients will meet with one of our retirement specialists to determine an allocation best suited for them. And finally before the program is put into place, clients approve their personalized retirement risk manager portfolio strategy.

 The process begins with the design of a customized portfolio. Retirement Risk Manager Service clients will meet with one of our retirement specialists to assist in the customized design of their portfolio. The process ensures that the Retirement Risk Manager portfolio built for you will be based on:

  • Your personal retirement goals
  • Your retirement income needs
  • Your risk tolerance
  • Your investment time frame
  • Your financial condition
  • Your investment experience

It is important to note that all Retirement Risk Manager Portfolios are reviewed and approved by our investment policy committee before being offered to you for your approval.

Once you have studied and approved your personalized retirement portfolio, we will: 

  • Establish your “retirement paycheck”
  • Manage your Retirement Risk Manager portfolio
  • Monitor market risk on a daily basis
  • Make adjustments to your risk exposure as needed
  • Review your Retirement Risk Manager profile (semi-annually)

In this day and age, it is also important to note that we do NOT take custody of your assets. Your Retirement Risk Manager Portfolio account will be held at Trust Company of America (TCA), a custodial firm based in Centennial Colorado. TCA custodies client assets totaling $10.3 billion and is FDIC insured. Clients have access to their accounts online 365/24/7 and may cancel management services at any time.

In sum, for retirees, those close to retirement, or even anyone currently planning for retirement, we believe strongly that it is time to think and invest differently. We're here to help.

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